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Featured weddings and favorites from other weddings and events.

Part One: Color Stories

Colors are deeply personal, because we associate them with favorite places, feelings and experiences. A favorite color may be represented by a different flower in each season - voluptuous blush blooms, for example, may be best expressed by ranunculus in March, peonies in May, full-blown roses in July, or dahlias in September. With our emphasis on seasonal flowers, we can advise you about varieties at their peak of beauty during the month of your event.

Below are four categories of flower color combinations that are often requested; click on a photo collage to see a gallery of interpretations of these colors in different seasons.

Blush, Ivory + Greens

Photos: Christian Gideon Photography, We are the Parsons, Jenna Alexander Photography, Brett Heidebrect Photography,

Fresh Cream + Rich Pastels

Photos: Angela Davis Photography, Poemas de Barro, Jenna Alexander Photography, Rick Messina Photography, We are the Parsons.

Moody, Autumnal Shades

Photos: Victoria Marcklinger, Angela Davis Photography, Stephanie Parsley Photography,Rick Messina Photography, Nick Welch, Tim Davis Photography.

Variations on Burgundy

Photos: Alyssa Barletter Photography, Poemas de Barro,Tim Davis Photography, Carlos Lima, Beau Vaughn Photography,

Part Two: Venues, Seasons + Styles

When all elements are beautifully blended to complement one another, a wedding cohesively and artistically interprets the story of two lives becoming one. Below, each set of four photos represents a snapshot of a wedding that we feel does just that. These ten weddings are organized by the time of year, beginning in April, and finishing with December, all with an eye toward seasonal flowers and colors. Many thanks to the talented photographers that skillfully captured the details and the essence of each day.

Part Two Photos: Set 1 - We are the Parsons. Set 2 - Christian Gideon Photography. Set 3 - Micah Blosser. Set 4 - Christian Gideon Photography. Set 5 - Victoria Marcklinger. Set 6 - Nick Welch. Set 7 - Angela Davis Photography. Set 8 - Rick Messina Photography. Set 9 - Stephanie Parsley Photography. Set 10 - Carlos Lima.